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Drain Power Cleaning

Stockport Drainage Services Ltd have high performance machinery to allow the blockages that are causing the problem to be cleared quickly with minimal fuss.

The following work is undertaken

Culvert Cleaning – removal of silt and sludge which if left for a period of time will restrict flow.

Root Cutting
 – removal of roots from the drainage system without the need to excavate and replace with new pipe work.

Septic Tank Emptying
 – the size of the septic tank will determine how frequently it needs to be emptied / de-sludged.

Interceptor Cleaning – regular cleans of your interceptors will prevent potential heavy fines from the Environment Agency.

Gully Emptying – leaf litter, silt and general debris will build up over a period of time and if left it will cause the gully to be completely ineffective.

Main Line Sewer Cleansing
 – high pressure water jetting of lines up to 1500mm is possible with our combination unit.

Stockport Drainage Services  have put together this information to help answer some of the questions you may have and provide solutions to any problems with your drainage systems, problems that can occur at any property.

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