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Pre-Purchase Investigations

If your currently in the process of buying your home or business premise and need to ensure that your drainage is working correctly, Stockport Drainage Services will help.

We provide our clients with a very useful and detailed report through our pre-purchase drain survey's and would highly recommend anyone thinking of purchasing a property to have the drains surveyed.

Whether the property is connected to the main sewer or has its own drainage system i.e. septic tank and soak away, many hidden problems can be underground and can be very expensive should a problem occur 

In order to assess the condition of any drain and drainage system, an effective survey method is to use a small closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera probe.

The camera is fed through the drain line underground and presents a detailed colour TV picture on the TV monitor. A CD is also made to allow the survey to be reviewed at a later date. If required, the drain line can be fully cleaned, using water-jetting equipment, to enable a clear survey of the internal pipe structure to be undertaken.

A full written report with a detailed computer drawing of the drainage layout,  and log schedules of each pipe run Modified Hydraulic Drain Test to include the results passed or failed Any defects will be noted and a recommendation issued with a quotation for any repairs

Our survey reports are written in a clear and professional manner allowing easy reference to each drain section surveyed.

Stockport Drainage Services  have put together this information to help answer some of the questions you may have and provide solutions to any problems with your drainage systems, problems that can occur at any property.

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